There are three types of people in this life: the introverts, the extroverts, and the introverts desperately seeking to morph into an extrovert. 99.89% of the time, they fool no one.

Speaking from my point of view, I never quite understood this…let’s call it, behaviour. Why try to be someone whom you’re not? Acceptance? So you can stand inside the circle and laugh at those who’re outside(remember your roots!)? Does individualism count for nothing nowadays? What happened to being the special, one-of-a-kind person that stood out from the masses?

I find it sorta sad sometimes. They try with all their might to sound happening & cool. Being loud. Why can’t you just be YOU? There is no specific mold in life. Everyone’s built in an unique manner. Why, oh why do you need to change? I guess it’s fine if it’s for say, a better cause i.e from being extremely shy and fearful to someone who speaks openly. The part that I never got was how come certain people manage a 180 degree turn in like a fortnight. Self improvement is one thing, faking it is another.

Then there’s those who throw names around as though they’re someone’s BBF(BEST BEST BESSSSST FRIEND). Yeah, I know there’s only two B’s there but I just couldn’t help myself. They feel the need to portray themselves in a light in which they aren’t. Are you that worried that people will think that you’re not well connected enough to get to know? Heck, I value my privacy. Its up there with “protect thy porn stash with thy life”. For me, it’s more than enough to have the comfort of knowing that in case shit hits the fan, I have people I can depend on, and vice versa. Somewhere along the ages, the private in privacy just got erased & forgotten.

Yeah yeah yeah, peer pressure is a bitch. Tell me about it. Sticking to your guns isn’t something that the faint hearted should attempt nowadays but isn’t life all about finding out how strong you are in standing your ground? Would you not like to tell your grandchildren one day about how you weathered the storm and kept to your principles despite the rough tides?


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