This Cannot Be Happening, Damnit

I dreamt I had my very own espresso machine last night.
There I was, enjoying my cuppa thinking how much it kicks my existing coffee press’ butt when all of a sudden, KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK.

Somewhere in a far far far away land my grandmother’s voice speaks out to me, “Lei geh kow mei sek, kam jiu dou li kah jong ham kan (Your dog hasn’t eaten since this morning and she’s been crying ever since)”.

That was it. I didn’t even manage to finish my steaming yummy drink.

IN addition to that, House is taking a hiatus thanks to some shitty baseball game that is going on in the states. The conclusion? We’ll all be House’ deprived ’till the end of this month. Thank god Lost upped the ante with it’s premiere. Don’t lie & say your jaw didn’t drop to the ground like mine did before the opening credits rolled ;)


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