KH II, Take Two

After 6 months and 22 days, it’s done. Lazy me got the normal end scene but someone on youtube has posted up the bitching-hard to get secret ending. Next up, FF XII.


The Pledge, Turn, & Prestige

True to it’s reviews, the prestige is one heckuva good movie. We sorta missed the first few minutes of the show but from then on it was twist after twist after twist. Don’t let the silly magic theme fool you into thinking this flick is rubbish. It certainly is not. Go watch this movie, you won’t regret it. Keep an open eye for David Bowie that is, if you can spot him ;)

All That FFXII Goodness

MCB. ate my in-progress post.

I have snagged myself a copy of FF XII. My fingers are crossed it’s not a demo version that’ll die suddenly on me. So far on, it seems to be the real mccoy.

Spent bout 2+ hours early this morning picking up some good tunes. If anyone’s interested, here they are:-

  1. Sarah Mclachlan – hold on
  2. Sarah Mclachlan – hold on(piano acoustic)
  3. HIM – join me in death
  4. Def Leppard – long, long way to go
  5. Jason Mraz – sleeping to dream
  6. Rascal Flatts – what hurts the most
  7. Boyz II Men – 4 seasons of loneliness
  8. Boyz II Men – It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday
  9. Marcy Playground – sex and candy
  10. The Youth Group – forever young
  11. Shinedown – i dare you
  12. 3 doors down – kryptonite
  13. Morcheeba – the sea
  14. Aqualung – brighter than sunshine
  15. John Mayer – covered in rain
  16. Queen Latifah – simply beautiful
  17. Aqualung – Strange And Beautiful (I’ll Put A Spell On You)
  18. John Mayer – victoria
  19. Lenny Kravitz – again
  20. The Rembrandts – i’ll be there for you
  21. 98 degrees – I do(cherish you)
  22. Norah Jones – the long day is over
  23. Green day – time of your life
  24. Tenacious D – tribute
  25. Athlete – wires
  26. Bruce Springsteen – walking in memphis
  27. Junior Senior – move your feet
  28. Jimmy Eat World – sweetness
  29. Dashboard Confessional – a plain morning
  30. Mandy Moore – it’s gonna be love
  31. The Four Tops – i can’t help myself
  32. Cyndi Lauper – true colors
  33. Ben Lee – begin
  34. Damien Rice – delicate
  35. Matt Nathanson – little victories
  36. David Gray – this year’s love
  37. Ben Jelen – come on
  38. Ari Hest – when everything seems wrong
  39. Ewan Mcgregor – your song
  40. Annie Lennox – no more i love you’s
  41. Black Crowes – she talks to angels(acoustic)
  42. Sister Hazel – world inside my head
  43. Primitive Radio Gods – Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand
  44. The Fray – all at once

There are some evergreen oldies, some emo rock, some alt, and some acoustic action thrown in there. No. 43 will sound familiar to people who remember the days of jars of clay with their hit, rain.

Now, where the hell is my research paper and why is it not in my mailbox yet? Damn.

Superwoman No More

Let’s see, something like one week ago, Holly had a really really nasty brush with death. Mum didn’t see her and ran over her leg. Yes, over her. I stopped her just in time before Holly became history.
Right now, she’s in a friggin splint. I like to call it her lolly pop stick & she’s just had her stitches removed a few hours ago. Never mind the fact that she’s lost heckuva lot of weight, she barely registered on the weighing scale yesterday. Give her another week or so and she’ll be galopping around the place again, I’m sure. Anyways, pictures :)






This Cannot Be Happening, Damnit

I dreamt I had my very own espresso machine last night.
There I was, enjoying my cuppa thinking how much it kicks my existing coffee press’ butt when all of a sudden, KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK.

Somewhere in a far far far away land my grandmother’s voice speaks out to me, “Lei geh kow mei sek, kam jiu dou li kah jong ham kan (Your dog hasn’t eaten since this morning and she’s been crying ever since)”.

That was it. I didn’t even manage to finish my steaming yummy drink.

IN addition to that, House is taking a hiatus thanks to some shitty baseball game that is going on in the states. The conclusion? We’ll all be House’ deprived ’till the end of this month. Thank god Lost upped the ante with it’s premiere. Don’t lie & say your jaw didn’t drop to the ground like mine did before the opening credits rolled ;)


What is this? House and Lost on the same night? Geeee. I think I’ve just creamed my pants =D

Everytime I have a biology exam around the corner, something really bad happens. Fuckin’ paper is like an omen. It’s like…deja vu. A day before the paper. Exactly a day before the paper just like the last time around. I’m starting to wonder what is it with dogs + biology.