Frozen vodka. Literally. Neat eh?

In case anyone is still in the dark about my new number, it’s 017-6565067. Double check your phone books cause I keyed in -607 on my msn and it didn’t hit me until a coupla days later. My digi number still does calls but I’ve set call forwarding and it does cost a pretty penny especially if it’s a lengthy conversation. Not only for you, but for me as well so pretty please, update your phone book.

Eh, slightly irrelevant but Sueann has got herself a spanky new layout so go pay her a visit.

WTF is this?

It’s so pathetic looking up your own name. The nerve of some people.


Neither folliage nor berries

Meet Holly. Please don’t ask me what breed she is cause even I have got no clue. Bottom line is tho, she’s dead adorable. Downside to her being just a month old: she sleeps like a friggin’ pig. We’ve managed to potty train her to some effect but it’s not perfect. More on her when I can keep my eyelids open. Till then, this should give you a rough picture on how much time she spends dozing off.


I realised that I erred in not making myself entirely clear in one sentence in my last post(god that’s a lot of in’s):-

mixing with you and people you’ve mentioned was like sitting through MA. Moron’s Anonymous.

I’m not generalizing and saying everyone here, please, take note. This only applies to people she mentioned by name and and said were not happy with me. If anyone had the wrong idea, then I’m sorry, totally my bad. This has got nothing to do with you guys. I need to re-read my sentences better.

We’re prolly gonna pick Holly up sometime next week when she can take semi-solids. All she did was sleep & sleep & sleep when we brought her back the other day. The whole lot of us called her Nikki by accident a couple of times. Old habits really do die hard.

A Stroll in the Park

On merdeka day itself, I had a little outing with a friend of mine, yes, I know how patriotic of me. So anyway, this has got nothing to do with our little trip. After dropping her off, I took my usual route home. If you live in klang, then you might have an idea of where I’m talking about, if not, then well, just picture this narrow 2 lane road that is practically the only way in and out of klang(where I live).

As I was on the old bridge(the one close to MPK), I had this Avanza driven by a lady in her late 30’s come really close up my backside. This was like what, 6ish- so there was a significant amount of traffic building up. In front me was a tiny little kancil going at 60 if my memory serves me right, and I was in no rush to get home anyways. Plus, traffic was heavy like I said earlier. Here comes this old hag, tailing my ass and…honks me. SHE FUCKING HONKS ME. At this point, I’m tired, and I have no intention of moving over, yes I was on the right lane, but like I said, I was not holding up traffic. The dude in front me was. I keep my distance and block her out.

The next time I look up, she’s still at it and has the balls to tell me to move over!. Rigggght. Now I’m pissed. I leave the poor lil kancil to his thing, and I tap my brakes repeatedly to just fuck her over. I sucessfully tick her off but she keeps coming back for more. With added noise. Pffft. Woman just doesn’t learn her lesson.

Hmmm, what do I do eh? Simple, drop my speed down to 20. No, I’m not joking. I did just that. Anytime she attempted to skip to the left lane to overtake me I’d be one step ahead and cut her off. God I had such a good time. I know for a fact that the kancil driver was enjoying it because I was dealing with her and I saw him look up quite often. LOL.

The arguement of her not knowing that the kancil in front of me was the cause of the bottleneck cannot be used here because she’s driving an Avanza, a rather high car if you are familiar with it. After a while, she got tired of it and exited via a separate road. Moral of the story: practise a little patience when driving or you may get more than what you bargained for. Happy monday people.

Are You Hungry?

Seeing as to how your roadside lekor seller can afford to be driving a brand new 5 series nowdays, I thought why not try dipping my virgin fingers into the culinary arts line.
Here’s my menu. Yeah yeah, it doesnt exactly spell out variety but I assure you, they’re scrumptuous! Not to mention healthy.



Main course:





Er…brain pudding

Don’t you think Jamie Oliver should just hire me to replace him? I wouldn’t need to bother about the responsibility of handing out yummy little pills. Well, these ARE yummy anyway. Right?