Sleep tight, let not the bed bugs bite

Back when I was halfway through my exams, I would tell nikki that I’d take her out for walks as soon as I was done. Every single day– thats exactly what I told her when she’d start whining late in the afternoons.

Despite losing her for close to 2 weeks now, the old habits just don’t die easily. Everytime I’m here at the computer I half expect to see her lounging at the door, peeking in like she usually does. Whenever we have the plank doors closed and there’s a silhouette moving we just go,”GO BEHIND AND SLEEEEEEEP!” and then you’ll see the silhouette moving back to where it came from. She used to loved laying at the base of our shoe rack doing nothing. Gazing at the sky I suppose.

In addition to that, every night without fail, I’d check on her a few times before I go to bed. At one point I reckon she got so pissed she’d just ignore us when we wished her goodnight and open her eyes and give us this cockstare when we got too noisy. LOL. I still do get up and walk to the kitchen before realising that there’s nothing to check up on anymore.

In my haste to log off last night, i plucked the switch to the power way too soon. As a result, I have lost all of my bookmarks. ALL. EVERYTHING. Now I’ve got to recompile the whole lot from scratch again. Way to start the day eh?


1 thought on “Sleep tight, let not the bed bugs bite”

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I lost my dog of two years to cancer in Feb. and for weeks afterwards I would make sure the bedrooms doors were shut so he wouldn’t get in them and tear stuff up. I threw pieces of food on the floor, and made a mess.

    It’s hard at first, but it gets better. And she’s in a better place now.


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