Sombre Thursday Morning

We sent a fine angel to heaven this morning.
For the five years that you spent with us, you never failed to put a smile on our face.
Nikki, we love you, always have, will forever will.


Flashing Tides

It’s the sleep-late-and-cram-as-much-as-you-can week if you noticed.

The sales are on coincidentally, and so far on, fuckin’ amazing. Period. Dashed to KLCC last weekend intending to pick up some proper shirts and I was just gasping. Never in my life have I been able to pick up 3 things for less than 200 bucks. Not that I did though, spent my whole budget on a single item but it sure was worth it. I even spotted the jacket that I fancied but cost a flabbergasting 450 a few months ago down to 200 that day but they ran out of sizes. Oh well. I’m already planning a second raid at the end of the week when we go merdeka. Until then, its more of books and books and books.

What In The World

There is nothing remotely close to porn on this site although the word pussy and other suggestive phrases have been frequently mentioned over the past week. IMHO, actually looking for necrophilia action on p2p networks would be a more fruitful search.

It puzzles me because now that House is off the air, people are actually looking for House related information. Yes, my obsession for House is apparent, but I’m more into Dr. Cameron y’know?

I caught the start of the Man Utd friendly last night before switching channel in horror. The logo was bad enough to start with. Now they’ve added this god-awful white patch surrounding the club badge. I think it’s safe enough to say that our kit could easily be the worse one looking yet this season with even the bottom feeders i.e portsmouth having more attractive jerseys. Would I pay RM200+ for it? Uh Uh. Even if I were given one for free, I’d seriously have seconds thoughts about putting it on. WHY OH WHY?

Friday Downer

I apologize if you came here looking for something to up your adrenaline level. May I suggest shagging a decomposing cat carcass? If cats are not your taste, perhaps a roach will make do?

My conscience is as clean as a virgin’s ass crack. Whatever, this is kids play. It’s business as usual people. Shuffle along, you’re blocking up traffic.


Allah’s predictions have been really astrocious of late. Whatever Allah says, bet the other way.
On the other hand, Argentina will kick Germany’s ass tonight. Don’t say Allah didn’t warn you nazi lovers ;)

Fuck, this is bad.