Had little walk down memory lane yesterday when I went back to college to pick up my oh-so-pretty & shiny certificate. It's been what, 7 months since my last visit to college and everything is still as it is, which is good. The old couple are still selling their excellent tau fu fa by the roadside, the cafeteria is still bustling with people, and I bet the Sunway accountants must be euphoric from smelling the crisp RM notes.
Bumped into a couple of old faces who're still fortunate enough to be enjoying the good life before heading off to pyramid for an appointment with an old friend. Punctuality has never been my forte, so it was no surprise that I was an hour late which pretty much ruined lunch so it was more like coffee. Talk is good for the soul they say.
I say, depressing is more like it.


2 thoughts on “Linger

  1. y u no chatterbox punya?! me wanna shout la!!!! ISSSSSSH!!!!!! okay.. damn hyper now. hahaha. innocentgirl loves u!! bluek!

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