House Loves Cameron Loves House

Goodbye House, O.C, Lost. It's been nice knowing you.
Hello homework. Damn.


Irritating Pricks

One of those things that I could never stand for was people calling you up, either on your house phone or cell, and without introducing themselves, straight away shoot, "Hello, who is this?"

Er, hello, YOU are the one calling me, so why exactly must I tell you who I am? Most of the time it's just fucktards who got the wrong number but at least have the decency to apologize for not being able to dial correct digits & for being so bloody rude.

The worst? Jackasses who cannot get it into their heads that they've got their baboon dicks upside down and continue to call you despite being told that they've got the fucking wrong number! I mean c'mon, you call a person up in the middle of the goddamned morning, and you just hang up? I think once I got so pissed, I called the dick up and gave him a string of verbal abuses before switching my phone off. Bitches.

Post Drinks

Hem Hem.

We came, we saw, we ate. Updates in a bit when I'm done working on my bloody homework.
PS: I only uploaded the nice ones so if you guys want to compile everything let me know. The rest are on my flickr stream.


A couple of weeks back, I stumbled upon 3tunes, a program that allows you to record the music that you hear off pandora automatically.
No more looking up Ares or whatever p2p service that tickles your fancy for that obscure song that you gotta have but nobody has ever heard of yet.


As you can see, I am having the time of my life. Never ever have I been so happy to see pile after pile of homework and assignments stack up on my desk. Just when you thought the storm was over, here comes the hurricane.

Wesak day's on Friday, which means, GASP, a three day weekend! Bless those lovely Buddhists! After next week we get a 2 week break which sounds really awesome and stuff until you realise what we have to hand up after the "holiday":-

  1. 1000 worded essay on some really boring subject which I wouldn't blink an eye at if not for the part where I have to do a gargantuan amount of research.
  2. A math assignment.
  3. Another presentation of the above essay.

I so love my life. Don't you?