Death Be You

Yesterday while driving back, an accident occured right in front of me. I was at the wheel so naturally I didn’t catch on quite as quick but my mum who was right next to me went “OMG” and I knew it couldn’t be good. Apparently, a car had rammed straight into this biker. The car’s bumper had all but come off and the motorist was lying on the road, in a fit with blood oozing out of his mouth and nostrils it seems. Trust me, not a nice sight. Even from far I could make him out “shaking”. I was sorta disturbed because barely 20 minutes earlier, i had witnessed yet another accident also involving a car and a motorist, and the car’s bumper came off as well. Talk about deja vu.

I killed a bird today. Yes, you read that right. Have you ever wondered how the hell these birds fly across moving cars, never even coming close to hitting them? I have, and I’ve just found out that they aren’t 100% perfect. It was totally unexpected. Bang. Roll. Hit the ground. End of cycle.


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