I’ve been given very strict instructions to not overstrain my abdomen for fear of…well…my stitches coming undone. The outer ones I can bear with if they break. Sure, blood spills out and stuff but easily mendable. Now IF, and this is a very big IF, the ones that were used to bind my large intestine broke…uh…I’m not sure I want to think about what would happen. Therefore, here are the top 3 things a recovering appendicitis patient does not look forward to:-

3. Sneezing
2. A cough
1. Constipation

Unfortunately, in light of my current diet, there is a very real chance of incident number 1 occuring. Who snacks on plain old vegetables? Certainly not me. When I take veggies, I have rice, I have meat, I have noodles, I have…you get the idea, a lot of things which conviniently I cannot consume at the moment. Four more days. Just four more days till I get my check-up again & I cannot wait to have asam laksa. Yum yum.


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