Downright Awful

I’ll confess, I never got around to watching Memoirs Of A Geisha up to last night. Right, I know it has Zhang Ziyi in it, a whole load of other 30+ chinese ladies who dream of everlasting youth, and it involves geisha. Check. That’s more than enough to warrant great raves right? TEEEEET, wrong answer. I stopped watching it halfway through and went to bed.

You see, this is something like what I experienced with Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire. I made the mistake of reading the book before watching the movie. Too bad I have high expectations because I found that M.O.A.G flew at such a frentic pace there just wasn’t enough details to keep me focused. Of course, there was also the teeny weeny bit problem of my sound card about to konk out on me. Conversations in the movie were soft and to add to that the fact that I was unable to bump up the volume, everything sounded muffled. I’m quite disappointed at how you & you, could give it such good reviews. On another note, the set design was amazing. That i’d give an A++.


2 thoughts on “Downright Awful

  1. watch it in the cinema you dumbass. that’s what u get when u watch bad quality dl-ed stuff. Mona Lisa will look like a whore if reprinted on bad quality ink and paper.


    haha!~ kidding mate. don give two shits what u think.
    MOAG is awesome. Period.

    haha!~ have a nice day


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