Midmorning Cleanup

I could never stand a cluttered desktop so I deleted some folders and this is what I got. Yes, I realise that this is the 3rd post today which is a new high for me. 1:52AM. Doctor’s appointment at 9AM. Right.


For Entry

Regarding future protected posts:-
There will always be certain things that I’d like so speak out but I’m not too big about the backlash. Hence, they will be password protected. Right, I know that I don’t get a lot of readership, and I think that 99.9% of my visitors either know me personally or via linkage, but I’d like to keep this site SFW & family + friends friendly. For those that I intend on sharing with, you should know my chinese name. Just the last two words and make sure that they’re case friendly ie: MohdAli.

Single File

Dear Lord, can you believe it took me 20 minutes to walk to my local pasar malam? From 5 to 20. Amazing. I guess that firmly cements the “No sports in at least 2 months time” thing I’ve been hearing pretty often nowadays. Fingers crossed, I’m going need to heal up quickly in one month’s time for the start of Uni.


I’ve been given very strict instructions to not overstrain my abdomen for fear of…well…my stitches coming undone. The outer ones I can bear with if they break. Sure, blood spills out and stuff but easily mendable. Now IF, and this is a very big IF, the ones that were used to bind my large intestine broke…uh…I’m not sure I want to think about what would happen. Therefore, here are the top 3 things a recovering appendicitis patient does not look forward to:-

3. Sneezing
2. A cough
1. Constipation

Unfortunately, in light of my current diet, there is a very real chance of incident number 1 occuring. Who snacks on plain old vegetables? Certainly not me. When I take veggies, I have rice, I have meat, I have noodles, I have…you get the idea, a lot of things which conviniently I cannot consume at the moment. Four more days. Just four more days till I get my check-up again & I cannot wait to have asam laksa. Yum yum.

“Goodbye Drugs, Hello Pain”

Right then, here’s what actually happened. It all started at 11pm the night before when I developed what I thought to be gastric so I popped one antasid and tried to sleep it off. By 2am, the pain still persisted so I hobbled out of bed and took yet another antasid. Early Monday morning (think 4am), I could no longer stand the sharp jabbing sensation and woke my mum up. At this point in time, I had already developed a fever and we rushed off to Pantai since they’re the only one who has a doctor on call during that time. He gave me the all over, pushed my tummy here and there, and pronounced me to be suffering from a swollen appendix.

Oh, swell. The nurses pricked me on my arms, took some blood samples, hooked me up to the IV drip, and then gave me an injection to ease the pain while I slept waiting for the surgeon to arrive later in the morning to give me a more through examination. Somewhere around 1pm, I went into the O.R thinking, shit, this is it. Throughout the first day, I was pretty much pumped full of painkillers. I was told later that the surgery took an hour but when I came to it was already 6pm? Can’t quite recall. Like I said, I was sedated pretty heavily. I was never awake for more than 15 minutes at a time and trust me, that was a good thing. I was given shots every 4 hours to mask the pain.

On the second day, it was hell. I could barely move. The doctor wanted me to be awake so goodbye drugs, hello pain. Getting off the bed was practically impossible likewise getting on the bed. I could barely walk, and that is also if you count walking as taking steps slower than a 3 year old might. Guys, imagine this, when you pee, it feels like somebody just delivered a kick to your family jewels. Yeouch. Unlike most people, my appendix was in the lower region of my abdomen, closer to my bladder so when it filled up, it pushes against it and that hurts.
Then on the third day, things got a little bit better. The pain subsided slightly, I was taken off the IV drip, and was able to sleep on my side for short periods of time. For 3 days, I had nothing to eat, merely surviving on the saline drip that was hooked into my vein. Whenever I went to the loo, blood drained out of me and into the long tube so as you can picture, pretty gross. I’m a side sleeper, and imagine not being able to sleep because you can only lie on your back. God, that was awful, at most I clocked 4 hours of sleep that day. I WAS HUNGRY. HUNGRY HUNGRY HUNGRY. Thankfully, my physician gave me the OK to take certain semi-solid food such as bread, porridge, milo, those stuff but trust me, that was just awesome. I got home and pretty much enjoyed being back.

I still have to adhere to the liquid diet for at least a week, and I can’t really walk, so I’m using an old walking stick that used to belong to my grandad. But at least I can snack. Chocolates, bread, tea, porridge + marmite, lemmesee, cashew nuts, that’s about it. Like I said, I was famished. It still gets bad when you think of things I can’t eat yet: laksa, nasi lemak, noodles, rice, chicken, fish, chau tau kueh, all those yummy food though having a working telly, ps2 & pc helps a lot. Obviously, I won’t be driving for some time so I’m just gonna relax at home, take it easy and head out when I feel better, perhaps in 2-3 weeks time. Hey, at least I’ve been through this. People whose appendix have not popped, think of this. You’re gonna have to experience this one day ;)


So, how did YOUR valentines day go? Lucky me ended up in the hospital after having a swollen appendix in the wee hours of Monday morning and had to undergo surgery later in the day. More on this later when I actually feel better. Till then, thanks to those of you who messaged & called.

Tick, Tock.

I love watches, I really do especially Swatches since their’s was one of my earliest timepiece & they’ve got fabulous designs but I could never ever stand analogue clocks. Analogue watches, I love. I know, the irony but there’s a story to it.

There is only one clock in my room, and I sure as hell made sure that it was a digital one so there’s no irritating ticking sound. When I sleep, I need either perfect silence or Slipknot level noise. The ticking just drives me nuts. So last night while lying in bed, I heard it. The tick. Then the tock. After 30 minutes, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I got up, picked up my watches, stuffed them into a shoebox and then pushed it into a corner of my cupboard. Y’know what would be really neat? Having one of those stock-ticker like clocks. I saw one sometime back but it would have cost me both arms and legs.
That was pure nonsense written while half awake in the wee hours of the morning. Now that I’m fully awake, I realise how stupid that all sounded. If only things were so easy eh?