Ring, Ring, Ring.

The economy must’ve been doing really well lately because when i went out yesterday for lunch i saw:-
1. A brand new M5.
2. 2 porsche carrera’s.
3. 3 X5’s.
4. Close to 7 7-series & 5-series respectively.
No, i didn’t go to anywhere posh, i just went over to subang to pick a collegemate up and then to 1U. Hmm.

The guy from the apple store @ ikano just called up to tell me that my shuffle is ready for collection but i’ve been to the damansara area so frequently this past one week i may have to pass off going today. Thing is, i won’t be around this weekend because i’ve got a wedding to attend down in malacca so i’m pretty sure i’ll be bored shit during the whole journey + when we get there. Now that i’m really really thinking about it, do i actually want to go? Fark has this gallery of best photoshopped photos up but alas, no kenny sia or XX works made the cut :)


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