Spanking Throne

We all know about the room of requirements and how it served dumbledore so well in the night when he needed to pee yes? If you don’t, then you need to go and re-read all of your potter books 3 times over. So as i was saying, i was sitting with my legs crossed praying for a miracle when *kapoof* there it was, right in front of me. This washroom had spotless floors, crystal clear water in the toilet seats, brand new urinals, not a whiff of putrid turds, and best of all automatic taps + soap dispensers. Sounds exactly like a great uhmm, toilet excursion yes?
The thing is, this is a petrol station‘s restroom.

I fully realize that it’s New Year’s day and while people are re-living their last 12 months and spilling their new year’s resolution, here i am telling you about my amazing pee story. Loos aside, happy new year everyone. A very special NY’s song of the day.


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