For Sale: An Advertisement

I’m looking to sell my 512MB iPod shuffle for RM280. Rest assured that the shuffle will be brand spanking new since I’m redeeming a new one under the warranty which is still valid by the way. I have given up hope of getting it to sync with my PC so i’ve decided to sell it off at a loss. Interested parties can contact me at subterfu9e[at] for further enquiries although the transaction can only take place in 2 weeks time when the new shuffle arrives. Included with it will be: the original box that came with it, the shuffle itself, apple’s signature white earphones, a pair of black unopened ear buds, iTunes CD that contains the installer and drivers, warranty booklet, user’s manual, and of course a macintosh sticker. I will also throw in the rubber case that i picked up for RM20 FOC. I have already found a buyer but since I am unable to pass him the item before he leaves KL, the deal seems to be off.

While the bigger iPods may be niftier, the shuffle is perfect for sports as it’s flash based and there will be absolutely no skipping of tracks. RM280 is all that I’m asking for. It’s CHEAP- close to HALF the price of what you’d pay for a new one from an apple store but since mine IS new you’re actually getting a bargain. If you are truly interested, then contact me via my e-mail or leave a comment and then we can haggle over a suitable price. Yes, the price is negotiable.


Gong Hei Fat Choy

The fireworks seem to be getting better year by year. At 12 i went out to the garden to watch the show while jumping up & down to prevent myself from being bitten by mosquitoes. Anyway, happy Chinese New Year to everyone!

The Internet Is Broken

Total downtime: 24 hours. Luckily for TMnet, I had the australian open to keep me glued to the sofa & errands to run when the sex didn’t seem right for a heterosexual.

Gah, it’s gonna be a busy, busy day tomorrow with more errands to run when you realise that CNY is just a mere 4 days away. Plus, I’ve got a full schedule on Thursday as I have yet to finalise my university entrance and a final dinner with one of my lecturers + college mates. And here I was thinking, hmmm, maybe I could sneak in some last minute CNY shopping on that day itself. Bollocks.

Bite Me, Rick Dees

There can be no better saturday night than this. Sipping coffee and looking up great music, this is a lot better than getting wasted & mingling with sweaty bodies on the dance floor. No doubt a lot of you have heard of pandora but i still prefer the old school method of browsing through iMixes on iTunes. The gems that i managed to find are amazing. Remember King of Pain by Alanis Morissette? Smashing Pumpkin’s Ava Adore, 1979, and To Sheila?
The Format is starting to impress me with their unique sound & I’m realising that there is more to Death Cab than Transatlanticism.
The top 40’s are so over-rated.

And So…

Uh oh. One of the goldfishes just decided to drop dead and float on the surface of the water. This can’t be a good omen. The humongous one is still kickingswimming so it’ll prolly leave to see CNY. This calls for…a celebration. Extra food for you ‘ol fat one.