European Dream No More

So we crashed out of the champions league this season. OK, so we didn’t even qualify for the UEFA cup. When Scholes scored the first goal i was estatic! I mean, what a perfect start, nobody could have wished for a better one. From that point onwards everything went down the drain. I sat dumbstruck at the end of them game thinking, surely i must be dreaming. Last place in the group phases? Not even in UEFA cup contention? i gave myself a couple of hard pinches on my leg to confirm that this wasn’t a bad dream.

I figured out the reason why my bluetooth dongle refused to sync with my phone. It was weird considering how i could send files from my PC to my phone but not the other way around. Turns out service pack 2 thought that i should utilize microsoft’s XP-certified albeit majorly flawed drivers and not my dongle’s software. Thanks to google, everything’s up running smoothly again.


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