What is with the state of the current crop of advertisements these days? I’m pretty sure football kakis were left scratching their heads after watching MAS’s futile attempt at reviving their business class crowd. Truth be told, i was half expecting a big “TOYOTA – MOVING FORWARD” tag at the end of the thing because they seem to have totally messed up their targeted audience. I don’t think business exec care about sleeper seats(so canggih!), size of music library(perhaps 99.9% pirated), or even airline food(which sane minded person chows down on them is anybody’s guess) but free flowing alcohol. Given a choice, i don’t think anyone, execs included, would wanna fly MAS looking at their track record. Bitten once, twice shy they say.

The company that i thought could never do wrong has made the cheesiest camera ad i’ve ever seen. Sony, what exactly were you thinking when you approved the advertising campaign for what could have been an amazing camera? Because i believe in love? OMFG. At one point olympus stood at the top of the podium with the drop dead gorgeous korean chick acting in a hard-to-swallow love story gone awry but this one left me both laughing and feeling like my intelligence had just been insulted. Worst advertisement ever!


Teal Claps

The perfect song to listen to as the clatter of the rain hits the ground while you lay in bed submerged between reality and whatever’s your fancy.

Now that i actually have a working CD player in my car, i guess i will finally spring for a new CD-R burner since mine has been out of order for close to 2 months and we all know how much new music any self-proclaimed music junky can accumulate within that time. Thing is, i’m still dead broke and i was sorta hoping to use the money from my non existent job to finance the purchase but i’m still unemployed. Hah, talk about procastination but i am starting to like my little routine. Since i might be catching either narnia or kong tomorrow, looks like the perfect scenario is shaping up.
(Insert high pitched to-be-continued tune here)


With every passing day, i somehow feel like my brain is starting to degenerate. You know how people say that if you stop using your head for prolonged periods of time you get stupider? Something like that because last night on msn i misspelled follow as fallow which made me sit up and go huh? My daily routine is sort of like, get up at 1pm, have a cup of tea and maybe some fruit, sit in front of the PC and start reading up on the news and then other blogs before playing a few hours worth of enemy territory, have dinner, watch jamie oliver cook something really really delicious before heading back for more ET, and then doing the day’s sudoku before turning in at the very godly hour of 4am.

Before anyone gets the brilliant idea of why i don’t get out more often since i have a car, that’s because i have NO car right now plus i am flat out broke. I’ve re-read my favourite books 5 times over, bought a new one which i finished in a day and a half, completed my unfinished games and i actually find joy in doing housework. I FIND HOUSEWORK ENJOYING. Omg, someone needs to shoot me in the balls. I need to go out and get myself employed not only because this is driving me nuts, but because i could really make do with the added income but with no car, comes no job. Meanwhile, i’m going to go own some more idiots on ET.


Bet you guys were shellshocked when MGS4’s trailer premiered at E3 but the surprise doesn’t end just there yet. Looks like everything is rendered real-time and not your run of the mill pre-rendered graphics. OMG. If you don’t understand what i’m talking about, just watch this demo. That is ultimate coolness. I wonder if those xboy fanboys are screaming bloody murder right now ;)