As much as i hate to say this, XX was right

Sitting through the movie with little kids moaning and rude assed people chattering on the phone, i got lost. I mean, uh, there were so many things missing from the book for instance where’s bagman, winky, percy, uhh, the veelas? I had such high hopes for the movie and it was like watching my own turd being flushed. Hell, i think even that would be more exciting. Goblet of fire disappointed me and i’d advice people to stick to the book if they don’t want to be let down as well. Bah. Least a charlize theroned aeon flux is coming out soon, let’s hope that it doesn’t suck this bad.


Book book book!

Goblet of fire came out 8 days ago and i’ve yet to actually watch the movie. Aargh. Really now, it’s like whatever the time, whatever the day, the movie’s fully booked. Me and my former classmates had dinner on wednesday night at some place close to the old subang airport and in the end we thought hey, it’s a weeknight, we’ll catch the late night screening. There were two screenings at 11:45 and the bloody screens displaying the available tickets were flashing red. Wow. I mean, it’s been close to a week already and it’s still completely sold out? I don’t think either the matrix trilogy or even the LOTR series garnered such good response. It doesn’t help that TGV’s telebooking system is completely screwed and their webservers collapse 99.99999% of the time that i attempt to book those precious tickets online. In addition to that, i know of people who booked tickets at multiple cineplexes even though they’re only going to go to one of them. Omg. I just feel like strangling these idiots, dumping them into hot scalding water, proceed to skin them using those things that the fishmongers use to scale the whatever off the fishes, have them be run over by a tractor and then dragged by a moving vehicle. Aargh. I think i’m just going to hold on for another week before trying my luck again.

Phlegm those tits

Ooooh, I was over at defamer doing my usual reading when an article caught my eye. I don’t think J.K Rowling would approve of her risque roles eh? Imagine someone whispering “Pssst, i saw a picture of fleur in the nude the other day” and a little kid overhearing. Can you just picture the look on the child’s parents face? Hah. Anyway, she’s hot although i haven’t had a chance to catch the flick due to the obscene amount of teenboppers hitting the malls right now.
Doesn’t this just makes you wanna go over to france and meet all ’em sexually juiced young females? ;)

The limp

The sprained ankle that i got 4 months ago will not mend unless i opt for physiotherapy. Isn’t it wonderful that i will have to live with mild arthritis whenever the weather freezes up or rains? Super.

Nikki came thisclose to mauling a pigeon had me and my sister not intervened. I don’t want to have to chuck a dead bird’s carcass across the street again because it’s just NOT fun. Happy birthday michelle, edna & renee :)

Rock hard paos

Go out and get a cheap pao, since it’s going to go to waste anyway. Purchase a tau sa pau since it’s my fav, let it cool down for say, 3 hours. Chuck it into the microwave when it’s cold enough to be held in your hand. Next, heat it up for approximately 2 minutes. Don’t worry about it exploding and staining the innards of your beloved microwave because there’s no way in hell that that’ll happen as you will see why very soon. Take out the said pao and you can now attempt to eat it.

I actually knocked mine repeatedly on the dining table before deciding that i wouldn’t want to risk my teeth for the tao sa inside. This is a very simple experiment so give it a shot and oh, tell me if you broke anything :)


I was over at my local mcdonalds shop the other day waiting in line at the drive in and i saw this band of people revising feverishly. It just sorta got me thinking about how fun it would be to be back at that age, carefree, when all that mattered was the As on your SPM cert. Hah.

I attempted to fix up some spagetthi for supper without realising that my tomato paste had gone rotten. It smelled kinda funny but being the big ignoramus in the kitchen that i am, i thought that that was normal. 15 minutes later with strands of spagetthi in my mouth it hit me that my food tastes awfully sour. Spat the whole thing out and munched on some very safe cookies. This is exactly why i have a whole drawerfull of instant noodles.