Tiffy needs to be superovulated

I just culled roughly 10 people out of my friendster list and i’m still going through ’em all. Its weird, they just add and multiply like rabbits, like since when did the number of friends you have is a meassure of your popularity? Uh, ok, right, since the age of time. Stupid question. At least i can say that i at least know the people on my list but then again, my profile is something like a placeholder.

I stayed in bed for an hour before i realised that i wasn’t going to fall asleep now that my bodyclock is totally out of sync. Hence, i’m up at 3 reading my genetics textbook. If this doesn’t put me to dreamland then the very3 old blister pack of ponstant pills that i have lying around seems very tempting but that sounds so sixthseal-ish. Definitely not good.
Y’know what? I just yawned. Hah. I’m pretty confident that within a few pages i’ll be flicking off the lights to my room and calling it a night. That, and this somehow proves that biology is the boringest subject ever.


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