Does anyone notice how sluggish friendster tends to be after each facelift? Honestly speaking, i don’t give two cocks about it but on those boring early mornings where you’ve got nothing better else to do, it’s nice to snoop around checking people out. Well, those were the days. Pay attention and you might realise that you can’t do it anonymously anymore because surprise surprise, the friendster team decided that people should have a right to know who thought you were hot.
The first thing that i did after that huge zit of an update was to turn on anonymous viewing and adblock all the annoying video clips that people think i should see. I’m on streamyx and yet my firefox goes oh so slooooooow when i’m viewing a profile? That’s a big NONO. I understand that you really like so & so band but for the love of god, if i’m lagging then it’s definitely not good news to those on 56k.

So anyway, i have this stupid eye infection which hurts like hell. There’s this white ring around my corneas. Yeah, i’m very aware that it shouldn’t be there so that’s why i’m going to drop by the clinic for a checkup. I was taking a break early this morning after a mechanics marathon when out of nowhere, i whiffed frangipani. I freaked out. I mean like, it’s 3:37 in the morning and it’s dead quiet apart from peaches going “fuck the pain awayyyy, fuck the pain awaaaay..” so i flipped the switches on the pc and scrammed into my room. Xes once tried to reason with it so i thought i’d give it a shot by saying, “please don’t kacau me, i need to study”. Call me a pussy or anything but i’d rather not risk an encounter with an unnatural being. I stuffed my earphones into my ears, pulled my sheets over my head and drifted to sleep. Ask me again and i’ll say that i definitely smelled frangipani but it wasn’t overbearing or anything like that but there was just enough of it for me to notice.
Creepy eh?


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