Shrivelled bedsheets

My A2 is like what, less than a month away? Everyone’s scrambling to get their forecasts so that they can apply to their respective university of choice but in order for you to get your sticky fingers on the supposed confidential letter, you have to exhibit your letter of application to your mentor as proof. I know that it sounds very stupid but get this, me and another dude managed to get ours in just a day(the waiting list is 3 working days) in effect bypassing the office plus we know what our exact forecasts are.

Hah! They have very very high expectations of us considering how 99.9% of us failed almost every subject but hey, i scraped through math so it ain’t the end of the world for me. I’m only concerned about how i’m going to fill every cubic inch of my brain with useless facts but by god’s grace, how does DUU transform into ABA? Amazing power these lecturers have. Hmmmm.

I really do have to start checking my hotmail inbox more often. I was clearing up junk when this address caught my eye. Gee, i’ve had a test waiting for me since…November 2004. Fantastic. I suspect none of my classmates noticed either because nobody said a word.


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