Caffeine, the fountain of life

It’s 1:37 in the morning and i’m trying to salvage whatever possible from my mocks. I’ve already let the dogs have chemistry and math so biology is the only subject left. Surprisingly, my brain is still functioning very well despite the fact that i’ve got to be up in 5 hours time. It could very well be due to the coffee that i had after dinner but i’d rather blame it on my panic button :)
3 megahuge chapters left but i don’t think that will be a problem as i don’t intend on sleeping at all tonight.

Holy mother of god, after weeks of downloading, i finally have the FFX soundtrack and it’s a whopping 4 CD set. Helluva worth the wait because the pieces are really really good and i like to pretend that i have good taste in artistic music. For some weird reason, the number of leechers way outnumber the seeders so being the good person that i am i’m going to seed for about a week before moving it to my music directory.


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