I used to think tuckermax was really boring. I think there was once, i stumbled upon his site while searching for godknowswhat. Back then, there weren’t many stories up and they were pretty lame but then i came across the story of his first anal encounter. Midway through, i cracked up so bad i was in tears. I stayed right up till 3 last night reading almost everything but by then i realized that i was way behind my workload. One hour of biology and i was done for the night.

Despite having a week off, i’ve yet to actually touch my genetics. OH FUCK. Chemistry does not register well with my brain. Let’s not even talk about math, it’s depressing. I am in major shit right now, and my mocks are let’s see, in exactly 2 days and a half away. So if you will excuse me, i need to go do some cramming.
PS: I take back my recent apple bashing. The more time i spend with itunes v5, the more i like it. The nano doesn’t look anywhere out of shape and oh my god, look at how thin it is. If you’ve had your hands on a shuffle before then you know that it’s suffering from a serious case of aneroxia.
PS PS: Why is it that my page only gets hits right after i write another dumb piece of english literature branding everything and everyone in sight a moron? Apart from people actually utilizing my RSS feeds, i’m stumped. I hope the japanesey reader that drops by occasionally is a real hottie. Let it be a real hottie, please of please dear god. I’m heading out to dinner for some lip smacking steamboat. Enjoy your friday nights people :)


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