Okay, so i was so engrossed in the england-nothern ireland match this morning that i totally forgot about the supposed motorola rokr unveiling. I’d pick the sony ericsson w800i over the ugly duckling any day. But then again, the crux here is without a doubt the ipod nano. Cute, but doesn’t it look sort of unproportional like an elongated shuffle plus screen? Why in the world did they have to phase out the minis? The mini’s colourful outer casing was neat, couldn’t they just build upon it by replacing the HDD’s w/ flash drives and adding a colour screen? IMHO, i liked the fact that you get to differenciate your ipods from say, your friends when they’re of different colours. Why apple why? As usual, there was a new itunes release. I’m going to go out head and limb here to say FUGLY.

What happened to the minimalist design that me and everyone else loved? It’s just shouts retro but me and the rest of the world don’t like retro steve, so what’s up with that?


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