Just call 03-22877377

Obviously, 2 posts in a day mean that i’m spending way too much time in front of the pc when i really should be cramming.
Have you been charmed into singing the mcdonalds magic delivery number lately? I got awfully lazy and not wanting to brave the traffic to get my dinner, i thought hey, why not just get it sent over. Mcdelivery is quite the sham. According to the phamplet that i got in today’s copy of the star, it states that delivery times are from 9am-11pm. I made the call at 5 to 10pm and after the operator took down my particulars, she proceeded to ASK me, where is the nearest mcdonalds outlet. Okay, i thought that this was weird, but acceptable. I told her which outlet that i normally buy my burgers, and she told me that they didn’t do deliveries.

OK, this is where it gets really shitty. I know that there ARE deliveries at my place because i used to get it pre-1300131300. Hell, we even ordered McD’s for lunch one day during my gramps funeral although i felt that the sender was a little hesitant to come over, no brainer there. So, she mentioned another outlet which was in town, the one in shaw centrepoint for those of you who are interested, but then i was informed that they had ceased deliveries at this hour. At this point i heard WTF repeating itself in my head. I told her that i thought the service was until 11 but she said that they *close* early. Once again, WTF? Dumbstruck, i told her never mind and hung up. Then i remembered the number that i used to call before this whole 1300131300 crap. Dialing, dialing, order taken, food arrived in 20 minutes. How come the damn callcenter couldn’t get my food delivered? I expect them to be efficient as hell if they’re gonna serve the whole country and especially so now that they’re hyping the whole “Mcdelivery” service. So, if you encounter the same problem, remember this sacred mcdonalds number: 03-22877377.


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