Tiny vessels

I caught a documentary about baba & nyonyas on the idiot box yesterday and the memories just came flushing back. You don’t get people like them anymore. The way they speak fluent malay and english while at the same time not being able to utter a complete sentence in chinese, you just won’t understand me if you haven’t met one of them. Every old baba in his 60-70s just reminds me of him because well, they’re all so alike in one way or another. Watching someone just waste away in front of your eyes is no fun at all after all the good things that they’ve done for you to be remembered by.

I’ll miss watching his tall,skinny frame walking up the stairs to his room. I doubt the sounds of malay shows will ever reverberate throughout the house again. His toolbox will remain untouched below the staircase. No more wuzzahs, eh aaron?

I hope heaven does exist, for his sake. For how much he performed his duties as a grandfather, he doesn’t deserve to be dumped in the pits of hell even if he was never religious. I’ll forever remember the silence between the four of us grandchildren on the bus on the way to the crematorium as we took in the fact that this was the end of his journey on earth.
We all miss you kong, we do.


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