Hands off my tortillas

My connection is going cuckoo again. Apart from the occasional tempoarily(sic) out of resources message, certain sites take forever to load, blogger for instance. I considered switching over to flickr from textamerica, and then i found out that flickr’s moblogs require e-mail sending. I can’t possibly do that since my T630 isn’t e-mail enabled and i usually send out my pictures via mms. The saying don’t fix it if it aint broken kinda applies here, i guess.

It’s friday already, thank goodness. School has been as hectic as it can ever be, and even the lecturers are starting to feel the heat. Just the other day, my chemistry lecturer gave us all something to choke on when he told us what transition element question he was gonna set us for our mocks. He left all of us gaping because we weren’t expecting any help from him. His reasoning? He felt bad that we were under so much stress and decided upon himself to let us study *less*. Wow. We’re still waiting for him to tell us which part of phase equilibrium that he wants us to know inside out.

Okay, i realise that my bitching about my studies suck big time, not to mention boring, so i’ll just type anything random that comes to mind. Did you know that dogs, akin to humans, exhibit paw preference ie handedness? I kid you not. I know for fact that nikki is left handed. She tends to use her left paw when i pretend to discipline her and stands with her left paw up, all the time. Gtalk went live 2 days back. Unfortunately, i haven’t had the chance to play around with it since everyone is satisfied with msgr. I did have a conversation only once tho, and it seemed pretty bland, empty, and uninteresting. It’s still in beta stages, i know, but allowing us to change our fonts wouldn’t be that hard would it?

My adsense revenue, or a lack thereof, isn’t encouraging. I could certainly make do with an extra RM380. I got cheated out of RM10 yesterday by the stupid prepaid vending machine in my college. My first and last time using it, and it eats my cash. Great. So you see, i do need financial help. I believe in good karma. I ALWAYS use my signals on the road and see what happened that day when my car got banged? The lady offered to pay for the damage. C’mon, a click a day would do me loads of help, not to mention boost your good karma level :)


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