After reading this post off sixthseal, i remembered something. The other night as we were walking to admiral marina, i happened to see a car, i can’t remember what make it was, but it had a couple christian bumper stickers. My first thought was “this car’s occupants…are going for a rave?” Wow. Okay, when exactly did christianity change their rules and said drinking yourself silly while mingling with seminaked people is OK? Before i get any comments condemning me for questioning how the modern christian lives, tell me this; is it acceptable for a christian to drink and smoke? You might argue that not every clubber drinks AND smoke, but i thought that your conventional christian family doesn’t regard “open mixing and grinding with strangers in a club” appropriate?


One thought on “Huh?

  1. drew, there will be a few bad apples.
    “I love God!” they proclaim but their lives are the perfect example of a hypocritical mess.

    The rules haven’t changed. It’s the people that have screwed it up. People changing fundamental rules for their own benefit.

    ‘modern’ christians? How ‘modern’ can they get when their religion is >2000 years old?

    food for thought…

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