Boing boing

Beach party? What beach party? I have seen one too many bikinis in my life, i cannot tahan the sight of another one. Details later, i’m to bloody exhausted because i’ve been up 20 hours straight.

Someone needs to inform recharge that beach parties normally involve beaches, not just sand and lots of undegrowth sticking out from under the soft sand. Dancing was a bitch, because you’d probably end up tripping over empty bottles or cans or losing your balance. All of the shufflers last night kept to the pavement which was right all the way BACK. Our trip down as pretty quick, as it was congestion free. I’ll be brutally honest, i didn’t feel excited or hyped the moment i saw the venue. The number of sexy,hot, bikini clad women didn’t help either.

As usual, parking, or rather a lack of it, was a problem. We had to endure a 12 minute walk to our car, surrounded by your typical lalas galore. Edgar had one hell of a time, dancing the whole night away. We departed at 4am and drove back to shah alam to collect edgar’s car before heading back to his place for some down time. Yep, we drove all the way back from PD at 4ish in the morning, and it only took us 45 minutes. As everyone knows, it is the hungry ghost month. Let me just tell you that almost all of us had some sort of supernatural experience last night. I got a bump at goldfishes room, beef had herself poked repeatedly, and well, our other couple met some imaginary kids playing the see saw. Spooked?


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