And you say?

Amongst the most overheard questions in classes for the past couple of days:-
a.Should i retake my AS?
b.What are the requirements for so-and-so?
c.Which U are you applying to?
d.What course should i take ar?

My A2 is scheduled to begin in late october. Everyone has been going crazy trying to figure out what they wanna branch out into post a levels. On my part, i’ve been pondering over my chemistry results, and thinking about what the hell i’m going to have to do to push it up to a A. My breakdown for the papers were C,B,A, not exactly encouraging because from what i’m guessing, it looks to be a mid B and i definitely have to score an A if i expect to go to my Uni of choice. My friends have been like, hey, you got 2A’s and 1B, what’re you so worried about? Well, i didn’t exactly get straight A’s so that’s a bit of a problem. I mean, yeah, i’m better off compared to the others but i’m not the least bit confident about my A2. Truth be told, i think i’m going to flunk my A2. I wonder if they still make those insta-smart pills anymore.


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