Exams, we all hate ’em. Paper after paper, you spend countless hours cramming meaningless words, burning the midnight oil in the process. My AS results were actually due to be released on the 18th of this month. Earlier during class this morning i overheard this, “Pssst, taylor’s students claim that results are out NOW!” My heart did a literal leap out of my rib cage. I turned around and clarified with said person. Next thing i know, people are shuffling out of class and queueing up to receive their softcopies. I hung around class, contemplating whether i should join them or instead wait until the 18th.

What if i flunked any of my subjects? Biology never was my forte. You can be cocky as hell and stroll out of the examination hall smiling from ear to ear but end up sobbing when the results are released. I conviniently forgot to go through a chapter in chemistry and just my luck, a 10 marks question regarding it was right there staring at me.

I made up my mind. I signed the release form and took my softcopy… AND i let out one huge sigh of relief. I didn’t screw up that bad after all. I’m still on course towards entering Uni. I think it has got to do with the date. My examination number was 0088, the exact same date as today. Luck? Fate? I dunno. All that’s for certain is that i’m in the top half of the class :)


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