Concoct me a playlist.

My all time favourite albums that i cannot make do without:-

*Armin van buuren’s 76 & ASOT 2004.
*BT’s Emotional technology & ESCM.
*Disagree’s self titled debut album.
*Sarah mclachlan’s afterglow.
*John mayer’s room for squares.
*Paul van dyk’s the politics of dancing.
*Rob thomas’ something to be.
*Fatboy slim’s palookaville.
*Paul oakenfold’s bunkka.
*The killers’ hot fuss.
*Benny benassi’s hypnotica.
*Tiesto’s just be.
*Gwen’s love,angel,music,baby.
*Joss stone’s mind,body and soul.
*The O.C mixes.

So you see, i really do have nothing else to write about. I’ll be heading down to malacca tomorrow for some family matters. This time, i’m making sure my shuffle is fully charged & filled w/ some thumping tunes while the adults go yada-yada-yada.


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