Way to wash the enthusiasm away

I just got up from bed after doing an all nighter on mechanics and what do i see when i power up my pc?

I was supposed to work on my biology seeing that i have my mock biology practical tomorrow, now i just feel like heading back to slumberland and wait for the shower to come.


I can smell the holidays

Claire was, uhm, cute, in a way. My class unexpectedly got extended, so i slipped out and met her so that we could go to her car to get my stuff. She reminds me of someone i know.
Fyi ian, i DO have her number :) Pity neither of us will be hanging round college any time after this year.

Damnit, being broke is no fun at all. Ian and the others will be heading over to extreme park tonight for some paintball action while i’ll be stuck working on my chemistry tutorials over the merdeka holiday. I sure hope one of you guys get hit in the balls. That would be soooo fun, right?


I’m gonna be meeting up with claire, the girl who gave my car such a brutal hammering to pick up the cash & replacement signal lamp tomorrow. To be honest, she sounded super sweet over the phone so we’ll see how she turns out.
The day after couldn’t come sooner ;)


I’ve always wondered why my body tends to react differently when i take anything alcoholic. On good days, i can have 7 cans and anything else that you throw at me with no problem and on those weird ones even the first sip gives me the kicks. Granted, i’m not that big a drinker, but it’s just plain weird.

Hands off my tortillas

My connection is going cuckoo again. Apart from the occasional tempoarily(sic) out of resources message, certain sites take forever to load, blogger for instance. I considered switching over to flickr from textamerica, and then i found out that flickr’s moblogs require e-mail sending. I can’t possibly do that since my T630 isn’t e-mail enabled and i usually send out my pictures via mms. The saying don’t fix it if it aint broken kinda applies here, i guess.

It’s friday already, thank goodness. School has been as hectic as it can ever be, and even the lecturers are starting to feel the heat. Just the other day, my chemistry lecturer gave us all something to choke on when he told us what transition element question he was gonna set us for our mocks. He left all of us gaping because we weren’t expecting any help from him. His reasoning? He felt bad that we were under so much stress and decided upon himself to let us study *less*. Wow. We’re still waiting for him to tell us which part of phase equilibrium that he wants us to know inside out.

Okay, i realise that my bitching about my studies suck big time, not to mention boring, so i’ll just type anything random that comes to mind. Did you know that dogs, akin to humans, exhibit paw preference ie handedness? I kid you not. I know for fact that nikki is left handed. She tends to use her left paw when i pretend to discipline her and stands with her left paw up, all the time. Gtalk went live 2 days back. Unfortunately, i haven’t had the chance to play around with it since everyone is satisfied with msgr. I did have a conversation only once tho, and it seemed pretty bland, empty, and uninteresting. It’s still in beta stages, i know, but allowing us to change our fonts wouldn’t be that hard would it?

My adsense revenue, or a lack thereof, isn’t encouraging. I could certainly make do with an extra RM380. I got cheated out of RM10 yesterday by the stupid prepaid vending machine in my college. My first and last time using it, and it eats my cash. Great. So you see, i do need financial help. I believe in good karma. I ALWAYS use my signals on the road and see what happened that day when my car got banged? The lady offered to pay for the damage. C’mon, a click a day would do me loads of help, not to mention boost your good karma level :)

It wasn’t supposed to turn out this way

This might be a tad late, but go shower beef with some lost love. She’s finally 19 ;)
Pics should be up later when i get ’em. Our surprise party didn’t quite materialise, she just had to walk in on us while we were setting up the cake. The birthday cake was sooooo fucking nice. RM62 dollars well spent. While the others were downing the birthday girl’s vodka mix, i gave a certain math-failure a 5 minute lesson. Least i wasn’t the only one who didn’t get to drink much because of class tomorrow, hor?


Sigur ros is the kind of music that you want to be listening to when you’re stuck in your armchair plunging headfirst into anything serious, ie working/studying. So anyway, i was late, again, for classes today. The weather was just soooo darn good that i couldn’t bring myself to wake up and get to college on time. As it happened, my A2 chemistry practical mock was this morning. Tick tock, tick tock, i was late…for my practical by 10 minutes. I did a 10 minute sprint from the elephant walk all the way to college.

I just realised that my car got into a little accident yesterday. After class, i went to my car and found this note saying “Sorry for hitting your car, please call 016-XXXXXXX.” I got out of my car and looked around, seeing no damage, i thought it was one of my friends playing a prank on me. Just a couple of minutes ago, i noticed that my front signal light was busted and i had fresh scrapes on my bumper. In an instant, i remembered the note that was left on my windshield yesterday. I called the number and spoke the the person on the other end. Thankfully, the mother is willing to pay for the damage. Loads of people would just feign stupidity and drive off, and i commended her daughter. Oh well, i think i’ll have to head over to the workshop later to get the car checked and the damage assesed. I told the mother that it would be a lot more cheaper if we used my mechanic since klang’s prices are typically cheaper than PJ, where they live. The funny thing is i was planning a way to call the number and play a joke whoever wrote the note this morning on my way to school. I smell good karma ;)


After reading this post off sixthseal, i remembered something. The other night as we were walking to admiral marina, i happened to see a car, i can’t remember what make it was, but it had a couple christian bumper stickers. My first thought was “this car’s occupants…are going for a rave?” Wow. Okay, when exactly did christianity change their rules and said drinking yourself silly while mingling with seminaked people is OK? Before i get any comments condemning me for questioning how the modern christian lives, tell me this; is it acceptable for a christian to drink and smoke? You might argue that not every clubber drinks AND smoke, but i thought that your conventional christian family doesn’t regard “open mixing and grinding with strangers in a club” appropriate?