Quote of the day: I have more chicks than KFC

I was driving to college one day when i happened to catch that fateful gotcha call on hitz.fm. If you don’t remember which one, let me refresh your memory. The one where the dude who got pranked, an indian male from JB if i’m correct, started talking ghetto speak. YES, that one. I have to say, that was the most enjoyable gotcha call i ever heard, not because of the joke, but because of the idiot’s vocabulary. At the time it was being played, i was sitting in a jam @ kota kemuning and laughing my heart out. I looked around me to observe whether other drivers found it interesting. Half of the drivers of the other cars around me were either smirking or couldn’t stop giggling.

For the love of god, can’t you speak proper english? You really gotta go all I-AM-COOL izzit? Half of the sentences that he tossed out sounded like either they were well rehearsed or from some rap album. It had to be. I instantly had this picture in my mind of an indian with a bandanna, HUGE locket chain ala usher, 5x bigger sized jeans, a tank top, and a pair of timberland shoes. I kid you not. I’m not being a racist, i admit that there are a fair shair of chinese who like to dress up like rapstars. No biggy. Hitz replayed all of their gotcha calls this morning but that one tape was the star. No doubt about that.

As of late, my homework pile has been stacking up really quickly. I didn’t know that our 3rd semester was gonna be such a pain in the ass. Everyday i drag myself out of bed, i start thinking about how i’m going to have to sit through all of the days classes without falling asleep. I have roughly about 5,6 weeks before i sit for my mocks. That is fucking soon. Panic is settling in. Can i keep my grades up? Will my results be enough for my entry into U? Shit. I went through SEVEN hours of classes non-stop this morning. All i had for breakfast this morning was a mug of coffee and some bread. That, and another cup of caffeine shot right before lunch hour. I touched nothing until 4 when i reached home. I now understand why those people gather @ the back gate fagging their asses off. I know firsthand that nicotine can keep you awake and aware for much longer periods of time but i’m not looking forward to getting all the other complications that come with it. Too much excess baggage & i don’t intend to die early.

I was going to rant about coffee politics and how people hold a cup of starbucks/san francisco coffee/coffee bean as though they’re an accesory but i don’t have the energy to go into that. The gist of it is that coffee consumption is not neccesary if not needed, holding your cup like you’re lugging a handbag is NOT cool. You look weird. Sipping coffee and crowd watching is stupid unless you have nothing else better to do. People who stick to ice blendeds and fraps are morons. I go to a coffee shop to order coffee, caffeine to be specific, not some sloshy watered down crushed java beans with plenty of cream on top of it. Unfortunately, i’m too broke to be a regular at any coffeehouse because that would mean that my allowance for the day would be spent on just one cup of premium roasted beans. I’m a pauper, so i visit one of the 3 instant coffee machines on campus daily. I do get dirty looks once in a while because there’s a san fran coffee branch barely 20 feet away in the cafeteria. So what, i like instant coffee just fine, it gets the job done and i have RM6.20 in spare change. That, is a bargain my friend.


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