Stirring up a big pot of asam laksa

The next time the UMNO general meeting crops up, i’m just going to give up reading the star. Every year without fail, the big fishes and their “hidup melayu” tales will dominate the headlines, as tho. there’s no other news that the country needs to know. After what, 15, 20 years, they still continue to demand the NEP? I cannnot possibly find another country whose native residents glorify themselves such as ours. Granted that it’s been years since independence, they have not reached the level of thinking where what matters from here on is of national importance. Why abolish meritocracy? Give me one damned good reason. The bumis already have their matriks to be content with yet they continue to demand a bigger share of the pie.

They need to dominate every publicly listed company in the country, everything that people build up must one day belong to them or they can pack up and leave. What stupid rule is that? Say, i was one hella rich fella and own a huge portfolio of businesses, does that mean that i will have to surrender all of them in order to secure malaysia’s tiny share of the global market? Does that make sense to you? It doesn’t to me either. Hidup melayu, i don’t find anything wrong with them shouting that to make themselves feel any better but bear in mind that if you do that in public and you were any other race other than islam, you’d be thrown into the lockup before you can even say anything to defend yourself. I fear the day when hishamuddin steps into power. He and najib will surely make one helluva tag team, that’s for sure. What bullshit is this when you brandish the may 13th incident in front of the countries’ other races? Claiming that if the malays do not receive more help another may 13th is in the cards? Hello, if you don’t mind your words there definitely will be another may 13th. If the segregration matter is not handled more sensitively than how it is handled now then i can see it coming. When will our leaders ever learn to stop being arrogant? We need them as much as they need us. There’s no denying that.

On a last note, happy birthday sheem :) I got you a whole paragraph. Happy?


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