I feel like a hideously limp old man. I suspect that my kind physician put me on painkillers since one of the blister packs that are part of my medication spells INFLANAC in bold, and because i can actually walk fine when i take them regularly. I tried going 2 days without them and i felt the thump with every step that i took. The doctor predicted that i should be fully healed in roughly 3 months, and i can actually see how she came to that conclusion. 10 days onwards from the accident, i grimace with every step that i take and oh, me and the stairways have become sworn enemies. My meds should finish by the end of this week. I’m thinking of going back for a checkup so that i can nab more of those very precious inflanac tablets.

I am definitely not fit to be driving to anywhere further than subang so please, do drive out on thursday. I’ve very nearly got into a few accidents this week and those were traumatic enough. I don’t reckon any of us would like to end up as roadkill. Besides, shouldn’t i be chauffeured? :) RSVP with beef regarding the particulars.


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