Formula farce

Okay, so you those of you who caught this morning’s US gp might have been as shellshocked as i was when only 6 cars raced. Needless to say, ferarri were outright winners and the only suspense that this bizarre GP had was when schumacher and barichello came this close to colliding.

I hereby declare my allegiance to apple and will definitely nab myself an ibook or powerbook when the need arises. At around 12 this afternoon, i received a call from an employee @ the curve’s applestore regarding my shuffle. As you might have known, it was defective and i nearly pulled all of my hair off my head trying to get it to mount. The dude was pretty nice, he just informed me that my shuffle is indeed in their hands and they’ve come to the conclusion that it is quite frankly irrepairable and i would get a new one shipped from the US in a week’s time. No questions asked on whether it had been dropped and how it had been treated throughout it’s short stay with me. Now, how is that for customer support? As groggy as i was, i immediately said ok and thanked him. Impressive eh? I just hope that the powerbooks would be a wee bit cheaper when they start work on the new intel g5 ones.


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