Caffeine induced stupor

My graduation went great and as expected, we were forced to sing negaraku when the VIPs arrived. La, la, la, took my scroll and left midway throughout the ceremony. Quite a number of my friends didn’t turn up for the event and even more left with me. After long long deliberation, i decided not to wear a tie and much to my relief my other male friends and i were on the same note of thought. I just gotta thank seow lin for the shirt that she got for me, though i cannot phantom why, but you just saved me a trip to the mall.

Had a ball of a time last night at some deserted cafe at BBK with the guys which was probably contributed by the astonishing amount of caffeine that i had consumed throughout the day. Two large cokes, a cup of green tea, a mug of coffee, 2 cups of kickapoo and i-can’t-remember-how-many glasses of tea ensured that i was helluva chatty and hyped. Beef was the first to go, “wtf is wrong with andrew tonight har, damn high whey.” Can you blame me? I’ve had my sleep time drastically cut this past 3 days so just bear with me la.

After numerous trips down to kl, mother decided that i should drive down today when we went to bintang’s pasar baru for porridge. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough food left to go around the table so we were left with only one bowl to share. When we reached home at 10++am, i plonked myself back into bed and dozed the afternoon away. Mr and mrs smith was quite an enjoyful movie, with the now trademarked “the fuckers keep getting younger every year”line being the highlight of the show. Beautifully choreographed moves were abundant, and angelina jolie was smackingly gorgeous. Lp had better be thankful i didn’t have her sit in my place because then she would be beside an uberly stinky natan. His scent was so overbearing i’m still scratching my head as to how his girlfriend could lean into him for a good one hour plus. God should really bless these people with more equilibrium matter because nobdy in their right mind would want to smother themself.


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