KANNINAEHCAUCIBAI! I was wondering how come my cellphone credit kept depleting like nobody’s business when i realised that sms.ac was milking it for all it’s worth. RM50 normally keeps me happy for a good month and a half so i was very much surprised that i only have RM2.64 left after only a month. I accept that i automatically drop RM8 monthly for the services that i subcribe to, but hello, i’m also being scammed of 0.25cents whenever i receive one of those stupid “xxx would like to be your friend, do you agree?” messages. To further make matters worse, it is possible to unsubscribe to the junk, but then malaysia is NOT on the list! WTF! CAN SEND TO MALAYSIA NUMBER BUT CANNOT TAKE OFF? WHAT SHIT IS THIS?

I’ve been contemplating switching over to a different telco provider so this is like further encouragement. Bye bye digi, hello maxis. I’ve been waiting for a proper reason to make the switch, and this is it. If you’re on of those who is as unfortunate as me, then you have my condolences. I swear i can’t remember signing up for this service but then again my *regular* username pops up. As peculiar as it may sound, i’ll just pick up a hotlink starterpack tomorrow when i have my stud removed. My futile tries have resulted in a severely bleeding backlobe so i’m praying that they’re mighty generous with the alcohol. I don’t see why my no-more-virgin ears attracted so many inquires the other night but i actually regret doing it. The rush that people describe when they stick things into themselves is something that i can now understand, and enjoy, but the taking off part hurts like hell. Call me a sadist, but i enjoyed being pierced.

Tomorrow will be my final paper, thank god. Saturday will be my graduation, alamak. I still have yet to own a proper dress shirt and work shoes, if you can believe it. How i wish there was a GMS because i’m going to have to shop on friday to look decent. It’s my graduation for god’s sake, it’s reason enough to appear good and intellectual.


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