Nicotine kick

I love everthing about holidays except for the part where my body clock goes haywire. No longer do i realise what day it is, no longer do i know my schedule for the day. Case in point, i did an all nighter yesterday and only went to bed at 730 in the morning. Don’t bother wondering what i did, or what caused me to do it because i’m not telling but if you subscribe to my RSS then you just got a hint. Deviations, thats one word that resounds pretty frequently right now.

The wong family seems to be growing at the moment with the recent additions of 2 long awaited goldfishes. Let me introduce you to mimi and erh, roger. I’m sure they’re happily mating even though we have no clue what their sexual preferences are. Just one day in their tiny little fish bowl and the water is starting to stink and turn murky. Gee, that’s exactly why i hate fishes. Nikki and the fishes have mutual feelings about each other – scared la, go away! It’s a shame that i’ll still pick niks over the fishes any day especially when she snuggles up to me when i get home from classes everyday. I’ll just quote my grandmother, “andrew spoils her.” Quite rightly so, there’s a reason why she hasn’t growled or bared her teeth to me.


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