Having your ipod is somewhat like a love and hate relationship, no shit. Sometimes you feel like trashing it by throwing it across the room because of some funky error that pops up and prevents you from finishing your update and sometimes you sleep with it. Ooooh. I’m getting all mushed up. In case some of you get this “cannot find folder xxx” during updating, just reset it and you’re done.

I’d probably piss off a whole lot of people by saying that last night’s reunion was crap. Hey, i’m being honest. We picked the wrong spot, dickhead waitress and waitresses, cramped space, hell, i can go on naming a other factors that totally ruined the occasion. Next time, let’s head over to someplace a little more private so that we can do stupid things without earning ourselves glares from the said employees. I still can’t face the fact that i paid for stupid food. Bah. Overall, i really do like the whole gathering thing that happened, but it just felt weird. Squeezing so many people into what, 6, 7 tables was uncomfortable. God, i actually enjoyed playing pool later than sitting there socializing for 3 hours. Before you people think i’m a worthless piece of shit, think of this, I wasn’t the only person who didn’t enjoy it so keep your opinions to yourself.


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