Say ouch.

So there i was, getting excited bout returning to school tomorrow when BAM, shit happens. Sunday afternoon is officially basketball time and i had to go and get myself a severely sprained ankle. I don’t quite blame the guy whose foot i landed on tho., these things happen. The terrible part about it was when he pulled his foot from under me so i ended up spraining it twice when i made contact with the surface of the court. Yes. Ouch. I must admit, the fall was quite spectacular. I remember writhing with pain on the ground wondering whether i had really blown it and broke my ankle because i heard a loud crack in the process and this particular ankle has seen it’s fair share of problems.

A couple of minutes after the incident when i was up on the sidelines for no apparent reason, i felt short of breath. No matter how hard i breathed in, it was like my body wasn’t utilising the o2 that entered and i was seeing stars all around. My vision went galactic and i was going shit,shit,shit because i coudn’t breathe! The kind little ahsou who was there gave me some isotonic drink to boost my sugar level and i felt better. What puzzles me is why that even happened. I had just had lunch prior to exercising and the pain wasn’t that excruciating to the point where i felt like screaming. In fact, the pain pretty much wore off but i guess the shock just sorta stepped in. The guys drove me back and off i went to the doctor’s for an inspection.

What does the young intern say but “i think you should go for an x-ray. you might need to have your foot in plaster and there should definitely be ligament damage.” Yes, i know that i’ve tore a ligament, like doh. Why do you think i heard the pop/crack? Hell, i can very lightly limp off my right foot so the swelling has receeded a little bit but i’m still going to miss classes tomorrow. Sigh. I was so looking forward to it. I can imagine myself limping all around campus from classrooms to the cafeteria. Please dear god, getting from my room to the living room is a nightmare already, don’t make it worse that it already is. I thought of using my late grandfather’s walking stick when it hit me, it’s not here anymore. It’s been reclaimed. I hope it’s not that bad a case much like how the young doctor potrayed. I can’t imagine having my foot enclosed in plaster throughout the first week of july. How shitty would that be?


The journey

The only thing that i can say about last night’s trip down was WOW. We were supposed to meet up @ zouk at before 11 but halfway through, i had to use the loo so we stopped in fronta 12si and i rushed in looking for a decent spot to pee. When i returned, they told me that we had to pick up sueann from renaissance so we attempted a uturn behind concorde and somehow got stuck in the worst jam you could ever imagine. That left us no choice but to detour through concorde’s parking which cost edgar a very dear RM8 for merely rejoining jln tun ismail in the right direction.

We called everything off since there was no way we were gonna reach zouk before 12 so we roamed around trying to hit the highway so that we could either head to a)bangsar or b)hartamas. The latter was the easier one of the two so we went over to have supper at some place called fandangos. I think i’ve heard of it somewhere at some point of time but the food was good and well, so was the bill. A grand total of 3 dishes for 4 people rounded off at RM120+. My tolerance level towards alcohol has gone downhill like a 10degree slope and i certainly felt it last night. A bottle of heineken was enough to make me lightheaded. It felt more like 7 or 8 bottles but i could already feel my cheeks heating up. It could be because i’ve not touched a drop of alcohol since…april? Coupled with my tiredness, well, i couldn’t walk straight. Yes, just after ONE bloody bottle of useless beer. This is a total catastrophe because i have less than 2 weeks to withstand whatever you guys get me to drink. Please, don’t get me wasted, ok? :)

One week.

In one week’s time, i’ll be stuck in traffic jams, rebuting parking spaces with other people, walking up to the coffee machine and plonking down coins, sinking into mountains of homework, receiving my exam results, sleeping in the library, having decent mamak food for breakfast, and going back to school. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Formula farce

Okay, so you those of you who caught this morning’s US gp might have been as shellshocked as i was when only 6 cars raced. Needless to say, ferarri were outright winners and the only suspense that this bizarre GP had was when schumacher and barichello came this close to colliding.

I hereby declare my allegiance to apple and will definitely nab myself an ibook or powerbook when the need arises. At around 12 this afternoon, i received a call from an employee @ the curve’s applestore regarding my shuffle. As you might have known, it was defective and i nearly pulled all of my hair off my head trying to get it to mount. The dude was pretty nice, he just informed me that my shuffle is indeed in their hands and they’ve come to the conclusion that it is quite frankly irrepairable and i would get a new one shipped from the US in a week’s time. No questions asked on whether it had been dropped and how it had been treated throughout it’s short stay with me. Now, how is that for customer support? As groggy as i was, i immediately said ok and thanked him. Impressive eh? I just hope that the powerbooks would be a wee bit cheaper when they start work on the new intel g5 ones.

Genuine Thoughts.

These coupla days, i’ve been tuning into the only decent local radio station that has a good rotation of tracks, not like the other hip station since my shuffle is let’s say, in the process of being dissected by apple powerheads. Point is, is it just me or does anyone else realise similiarities between certain advertisements? Case number one: Mcd’s current ad is about ppl singing with their mouths full, to promote the CDs that they’re selling to morons and walls’ durian runtuh campaign which is pretty damn hilarious, and original IMHO. Case number two: Digi’s EDGE commercial and…uh…maxis’ activ5 that features ean of with both of ’em involving some kind of therapy session. You’d think that these huge corporations with thousands of cash at their disposal would come up with better ideas to pitch their products. I’m sure the creative teams that were responsible for Mcd’s and maxis’ advertisements are laughing all the way to the bank. All they needed to do was to work upon another popular ad and walla, here is (insert stupid company’s name here)’s BRAND NEW EXCITING COMMERCIAL!

I’ll be leaving klang early tomorrow to have chicken balls for breakfast @ malacca and visit my gramps. Time does indeed fly, in a blink of an eye it’s been 49 days since his death. Sans ips in hands, i hope to be back in time for me to wrap up GT4 which i’ve been religiously playing.

Caffeine induced stupor

My graduation went great and as expected, we were forced to sing negaraku when the VIPs arrived. La, la, la, took my scroll and left midway throughout the ceremony. Quite a number of my friends didn’t turn up for the event and even more left with me. After long long deliberation, i decided not to wear a tie and much to my relief my other male friends and i were on the same note of thought. I just gotta thank seow lin for the shirt that she got for me, though i cannot phantom why, but you just saved me a trip to the mall.

Had a ball of a time last night at some deserted cafe at BBK with the guys which was probably contributed by the astonishing amount of caffeine that i had consumed throughout the day. Two large cokes, a cup of green tea, a mug of coffee, 2 cups of kickapoo and i-can’t-remember-how-many glasses of tea ensured that i was helluva chatty and hyped. Beef was the first to go, “wtf is wrong with andrew tonight har, damn high whey.” Can you blame me? I’ve had my sleep time drastically cut this past 3 days so just bear with me la.

After numerous trips down to kl, mother decided that i should drive down today when we went to bintang’s pasar baru for porridge. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough food left to go around the table so we were left with only one bowl to share. When we reached home at 10++am, i plonked myself back into bed and dozed the afternoon away. Mr and mrs smith was quite an enjoyful movie, with the now trademarked “the fuckers keep getting younger every year”line being the highlight of the show. Beautifully choreographed moves were abundant, and angelina jolie was smackingly gorgeous. Lp had better be thankful i didn’t have her sit in my place because then she would be beside an uberly stinky natan. His scent was so overbearing i’m still scratching my head as to how his girlfriend could lean into him for a good one hour plus. God should really bless these people with more equilibrium matter because nobdy in their right mind would want to smother themself.