Taylors claim they have the best A levels results? PUHLEAAASE. Let me inform you about something that came to my knowledge a few days before my practical papers. Taylors is as leaky as your grandmother’s rooftop. Seriously. One very good example would be the chemistry practical paper that i sat for yesterday. In QA, we are required to find 2 anions and 2 cations through various tests. The day before the paper, i was informed that the elements would be Cr3+,Ba2+,No3- and Cl-. Bada bing, what do you know, they actually turned out to be true. Except for the 3rd one, they actually got it all right. I don’t blame them missing out on No3-. It was actually N02- and they both sounds pretty similiar. All these information, CAME FROM TAYLORS and i was told that this happens everytime for AS and A2. I’m not complaining of course, i was at an advantage. But please, never trust taylors’ advertising. The very reason why their students score sky high is because they’re provided with *helpful* tips. I wonder what else do taylors students know and we don’t? Hmmm.


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