Waaaaah, pretty la!

i was up late last night doing my h/w on how i was going to emulate a mac environment within a windows machine when i came across windowblinds. i toyed a little bit with it last time on my old pc but back then everything was very very SLOW, not to mention buggy. the halo effect that apple has been going on about for years isn’t something that they’ve concocted to fool themselves, it really does exist. look at what happened to me. i’d love to nick myself a mac mini, but the lack of programs that are compatible with it just bums the hell outta me. yeah, it’s good for the artsy people because the whole system is optimized for it, but what about the average joe? i’m supposed to plunk down a whole lotta cash for a computer just for it’s flashy GUI? well, at least i got the better of both worlds because i managed to achieve the mac OS X tiger GUI via a number of various other programs. cool eh? and the dock at the bottom really DOES work, it’s not just for show. jealous already? ;D


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