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Taylors claim they have the best A levels results? PUHLEAAASE. Let me inform you about something that came to my knowledge a few days before my practical papers. Taylors is as leaky as your grandmother’s rooftop. Seriously. One very good example would be the chemistry practical paper that i sat for yesterday. In QA, we are required to find 2 anions and 2 cations through various tests. The day before the paper, i was informed that the elements would be Cr3+,Ba2+,No3- and Cl-. Bada bing, what do you know, they actually turned out to be true. Except for the 3rd one, they actually got it all right. I don’t blame them missing out on No3-. It was actually N02- and they both sounds pretty similiar. All these information, CAME FROM TAYLORS and i was told that this happens everytime for AS and A2. I’m not complaining of course, i was at an advantage. But please, never trust taylors’ advertising. The very reason why their students score sky high is because they’re provided with *helpful* tips. I wonder what else do taylors students know and we don’t? Hmmm.

Eternal Kebodohan.

We all dislike pussys, yes? Hello. Not that pussy. Think straight, you perv. As it is the exam season, the library has become the latest hangout joint in college. I joined kelly and frank for some last minute statistics cramming and there was this stack of books next to her. She told me that it was okay for me to sit because the books belonged to a friend of hers. Fast forward one hour, a girl materialises out of nowhere and picks up the stack of books and walks away. All fine and dandy. Next thing i know, she returns and drops this book back on the table and leaves this sheet of paper accusing me of being rude for sitting at her spot while her books were still there.

i was busy with my work so i didn’t notice until frank read the whole bloody paper. The look on his face was worth a million dollars i tell you. He went “what the fuck” pretty loud and everyone turned at looked at him. He promptly got up and looked high and low for the bitch. When he returned, i asked him what was the matter and he showed me the paper. I the asked him whether she was the girl who was sitting there earlier and he said no. The book that she returned? That belonged to the 2nd girl who sat there and SHIFTED the bitch’s things away. I found it pretty amusing because the bitch got it all wrong. I didn’t get a clear look at her because she came up from behind me and caught me by surprise. I mean c’mon, how childish can you be? You don’t have the balls to confront me and get everything straight yet you write notes about how RUDE i am? LOL. Right. It wasn’t me in the first place who moved her stuff so it isn’t my fault. I’m willing to take the blame provided i’m in the wrong, which i’m not.Anyway, there was nary a empty space available in the library when i arrived and the woman just left her stuff there unattended for more than an hour. It is a public seat you know. Who thought even bookworms could be so stupid? ;D

Bring It Over,Shithead.

You just gotta love it when your pc goes down hard. No trojans or anything like that, i made sure that my box was as clean as an ass crack :) In the process of installing an aging stick of ram, i somehow managed to corrupt my OS so the only option available was to reinstall windows once again. No sweat there. Two days later, i tried syncing my ipod with itunes and guess what? No recognition. I searched high and low, installed the usb drivers that came with my mobo but to no avail. One of the most valueable lessons in life : when all else fails, hit the forums.

Turns out that my bios had inadvertly switched off my usb capability during my reinstallation of windows. I’m not quite sure how that happened because it’s never occured before when i did a fresh install last time. Popped the switch back to ‘enable’ and i was good to go. Thank god for other unfortunate people like me who’re using the same crappy motherboard. I suddenly don’t feel so bad anymore. Lol.


A busted mouse is much too big a pain the ass to bear with, trust me. Losing game after game after game of yahoo pool, i’ve given up even trying to play. My first priority right after my papers are to drop by low yat to nick myself a new one before hitting the clubs for some well deserved drinks. Booyah.


One of the best things about living in a small town is the ability to catch a new movie on it’s premiere without the hassle of queuing for hours. At last, I’ve found something good about calling Klang home. I hate surprises, but i was awoken from my deep slumber by kelly who kindly asked if i wanted to join my other classmates for star wars 3: ROTS later. I declined because i already had made plans with edgar,ian,edna and edgar’s pals for the 2:45 screening. Right before she signed off, she informed me that the slides would be in the biology lab today for us to go through. *smacks self on the forehead* With a quick glance at my clock(12:30) i jumped out of bed and rushed to give nikki a bath before taking one myself. I took one helluva drive to college only to stay for about 15 minutes before rushing all the way back to klang for the show. I actually spent more time ON the road than in the laboratory.

Awesome movie it was. The part where padme had to die kinda ruined it a bit but we all knew that it was coming. Anakin’s becoming to the dark side and his transformation to darth vader was well potrayed, as if to further prove the point, we had to watch little anakin chau ta’ed and left to die next to molten lava. I’m not that big a star wars freak but i’m planning on taking a trip down to Sg wang after my exams to pick up the collector’s set so that i can comprehensively understand the whole bloody plot. Speaking of which, i don’t feel one bit of stress or pressure even though i’m sitting for my AS papers. It’s a weebit different because my papers are all far apart, i actually have enough time to go through the whole syllabus while waiting for the next one to come. Next week will be one hectic week with the bulk of math,chem & bio in the fray. I’m not looking forward to it one bit but it’ll be over in a blink of an eye and then comes the home strech. Note to self: there is no such thing such as over-binging during holidays.

Waaaaah, pretty la!

i was up late last night doing my h/w on how i was going to emulate a mac environment within a windows machine when i came across windowblinds. i toyed a little bit with it last time on my old pc but back then everything was very very SLOW, not to mention buggy. the halo effect that apple has been going on about for years isn’t something that they’ve concocted to fool themselves, it really does exist. look at what happened to me. i’d love to nick myself a mac mini, but the lack of programs that are compatible with it just bums the hell outta me. yeah, it’s good for the artsy people because the whole system is optimized for it, but what about the average joe? i’m supposed to plunk down a whole lotta cash for a computer just for it’s flashy GUI? well, at least i got the better of both worlds because i managed to achieve the mac OS X tiger GUI via a number of various other programs. cool eh? and the dock at the bottom really DOES work, it’s not just for show. jealous already? ;D


holy shit! i wake up this morning totally forgetting about E3 and what greeted me on the front page of digg? details about the ps3’s architecture as well as pictures! the system looks gorgeous but i’m not too big a fan of the shape of the controllers. gamespot has all the things that you’d want to go over. just take a look at the clip of GT5 and tell me how in the world does that not raise your blood pressure? sure, i’ll take the amazing graphics but having pitcrew and crowd? c’mon, this is getting better! i’ll stop here and let the vdo’s do the talking. i’m in gaming heaven i am.