woah, my asking other bloggers to remove me from their plugs has led to increased activity in the past 24 hours, quite the opposite of what i intended. first of all, let me explain why i asked for this to be done. my journal, hell, this very site was started back in ’98, when i started getting interested with the inner workings of the internet. fast forward to 2002, and that was when i started publishing my thoughts,rants, etc online with another fellow blogder who just recently re-opened his journal. at that moment of time, i kept this site under wraps, not wanting for it to be to opened up to the community. why then you may ask, then did i even put my bitches online? well, the anonymity was something that appealed to me. being able to speak up about everything that came to mind, it let me get certain things off my chest. now that blogging has truly caught up with my peers, i think that it is best that i be left out of it. i’ll be honest, the whole blogging phenomena that is right now, it seems a little pathetic to me, no offence to the other bloggers.

while some of you may be wondering how qualified i am to judge someone else’s blog, the truth is, i’m not judging your writings. i just feel that blogging has sort of become an “in” thing that i’m not interested in joining. i like to buck the trend, as some of you who know me well may know. i have always tried to write down what i truly feel, never having to worry about the attention that i may attract. sadly, times are achanging. no longer can i do so, for being brutally honest might cause a mob of angry people to chase me down. i would like to point out that this, whole fiasco wasn’t caused by any one particular person. it just hit me reading another person’s blog, who shall remain unnamed, late last night about how big an impact one little sentence might bring. i must stress again, this was NOT caused by people who linked me, for i subscribe to your RSS, which means that i enjoy reading your bullshit :) i just don’t enjoy being in the spotlight, which may seem a little odd to some of you.

i may, and i may not be coming back here. i’m not doing this for some publicity stunt, hell, i would love nothing more than to have my closest mates know my inner thoughts, but some things are just not meant to be public knowledge. fyi, i’ve been getting hits from aussies, who, despite my best efforts, i cannot identify. 55 hits from australia and 35 from the states. call it paranoia, but i just like to have my privacy. i’ve come a point in my life where i am no longer interested in being in the public eye, contrary to certain other blogders who shamelessly plug themselves all over the internet. let me have my space, and i might make a return to the blogosphere. i never thought that i would have to do this one day, but things, however good, must inevitably come to an end. i’m pulling the plug on uberfusion. goodbye people, and have a good day :)


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