my practical went almost as smooth as i wanted it to be. i did mess up when i forgot to start my stopwatch when needed but hey, a whole lot of other people did the same thing. my results collaborated with the other people’s test tubes so i wasn’t worried, that is until word got out that our color standards were totally different to that of what the other people in the other lab got. weird. caught the eye 10 later in the afternoon and i’m just going to say that it’s a great let down. i dunno what the pang brothers intended, but it turned out to be a half horror-half comedy flick. i laughed so hard i spat coke all around the place. luckily for me, there wasn’t anybody sitting directly in front so i was spared the humiliation of apologizing.

i have a bone to pick with a certain someone. lately, i’ve been getting the vibe that he isn’t too happy with the people whom i mix with. earlier this month, my study group was abolished so i was absorbed into another group, of which the person is a member of. hey, i didn’t choose which group to go to, i was chosen. so anyway, when i went to the girls condo a couple of days back to catch some shut eye, i was given the cold shoulder when he saw me come in. moments later, he left. earlier this morning, we had to sit in groups, and i reluctantly joined my groupies. when i plonked my stuff next to his table because it was the only table left, he gave me this KANNINEH look. now hey, fuck off. i know what’s going through his head. honestly, he…is suffering from serious insecurity. if you feel somehow threatened by my presence, then just leave when i arrive. it’s that simple.

i don’t tolerate bullshit. if you think that talking behind my back is gonna work, then dream on. you don’t have the friggin balls to confront me and get the true story. it’s just gonna bitchslap you back in the face, that i can guarantee you. fuck me over once, my bad. fuck me over twice, i’ll fucking castrate & plug your crack.


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