woah, my asking other bloggers to remove me from their plugs has led to increased activity in the past 24 hours, quite the opposite of what i intended. first of all, let me explain why i asked for this to be done. my journal, hell, this very site was started back in ’98, when i started getting interested with the inner workings of the internet. fast forward to 2002, and that was when i started publishing my thoughts,rants, etc online with another fellow blogder who just recently re-opened his journal. at that moment of time, i kept this site under wraps, not wanting for it to be to opened up to the community. why then you may ask, then did i even put my bitches online? well, the anonymity was something that appealed to me. being able to speak up about everything that came to mind, it let me get certain things off my chest. now that blogging has truly caught up with my peers, i think that it is best that i be left out of it. i’ll be honest, the whole blogging phenomena that is right now, it seems a little pathetic to me, no offence to the other bloggers.

while some of you may be wondering how qualified i am to judge someone else’s blog, the truth is, i’m not judging your writings. i just feel that blogging has sort of become an “in” thing that i’m not interested in joining. i like to buck the trend, as some of you who know me well may know. i have always tried to write down what i truly feel, never having to worry about the attention that i may attract. sadly, times are achanging. no longer can i do so, for being brutally honest might cause a mob of angry people to chase me down. i would like to point out that this, whole fiasco wasn’t caused by any one particular person. it just hit me reading another person’s blog, who shall remain unnamed, late last night about how big an impact one little sentence might bring. i must stress again, this was NOT caused by people who linked me, for i subscribe to your RSS, which means that i enjoy reading your bullshit :) i just don’t enjoy being in the spotlight, which may seem a little odd to some of you.

i may, and i may not be coming back here. i’m not doing this for some publicity stunt, hell, i would love nothing more than to have my closest mates know my inner thoughts, but some things are just not meant to be public knowledge. fyi, i’ve been getting hits from aussies, who, despite my best efforts, i cannot identify. 55 hits from australia and 35 from the states. call it paranoia, but i just like to have my privacy. i’ve come a point in my life where i am no longer interested in being in the public eye, contrary to certain other blogders who shamelessly plug themselves all over the internet. let me have my space, and i might make a return to the blogosphere. i never thought that i would have to do this one day, but things, however good, must inevitably come to an end. i’m pulling the plug on uberfusion. goodbye people, and have a good day :)



ck you fag, happy 19th birthday. we shall party hard when you get back for your hols yeah? standing at the bar is not an option, you fcking fag :D


the previous offer is now rescinded. thank you mr yee for your graciousness. i had a pretty funny day today. as some of you may know, im midway through my mocks and i sat for my chem paper2 this afternoon. for a change, i decided to take federal instead of kesas since i wasn’t in a rush. whilst driving, a peculiar pssssst & flap flap sound came from the left rear of my car. surprise surprise, i had a flat. i was in a pretty joyous mood so i laughed it off and gave a couple of calls to my friends who were having their lunch. i locked up and hitched a ride with frank who kindly came to pick me up so that i wouldn’t have to miss my paper. loadsa thank yous to danny boy, michelle and wai yee who made follow up calls to make sure that i was indeed well on my way to college. we headed back to my car after our paper with frank and seng zhao doing the brunt work of unscrewing the tyre caps and getting the jack to work. i swear, i coudn’t have done it on my own without you guys.


this is an advertisement for a car that we need on the 30th of april. we are willing to pay for the amount of fuel consumed by your old jalopy as well as driving to and fro so that you, the owner, can drink and entertain us with your intoxicated behaviour. if there are no kind souls out there who would like a free ride to club with the king of house, roger sanchez himself, then we are fully willing to extend our gratitude by covering your entrance fee. yes, we are in dire need of a vehicle. owner of said car has to reside in klang or in the nearby vicinity for convinience sake. this offer will expire on the 25th of april 2005.


i’m doomed. i spent my whole study break hol on gt3 so that i could get get my sticky fingers on gt4 sooner than later. if theres any indication of how much time i poured into it, get this: i have ALL licenses and am a proud owner of BOTH the viper gts team oreca as well as the suzuki escudo, each costing a cool 1 million credits each. yes, i am a hardcore gt fan. i finished gt1 and gt2 in it’s entirety inclusive of the horrible endurance races. in addition to that, like any other gt junkie, i play in FPV and with manual transmission. now, back to my mocks. i’m quite prepared to sit in the examination hall tomorrow just looking at my peers hard at work. i ask for a miracle, please?


what exactly does broadband mean? well, according to dictionary.com, it’s defined as “any kind of Internet connection with a download speed of more than 56 kbps, usually some kind of Digital Subscriber Line, e.g. ADSL.” the people over @ telekom need to buck up because my connection has been up & down for the past two days. i couldn’t even play a proper game of pool without suffering frequent lags so theres no need to even talk about gaming. all this when back in the good ol days i was able to strike up a game of wc3 via PVPGN servers. while i know that i should be thanking my lucky stars because i’m one of the few people who have the luxury of ADSL, think about how much we are contributing towards telekom’s coffers due to their refusal to open up the last mile.

it is absurd really, to think of how they promote their streamyx service as “affordable yet reliable”. bollocks i say. while yes it is a definite upgrade compared to 56k, the omnipresent downtime and unpredictable connection speeds are crap. if not for the pressure from other private ISPs such as maxisnet and digi, i doubt that they would have even lowered their pricing. this lack of competitiveness just serves to strengthen telekoms stronghold over the country’s god-knows-how-many internet users. point is, should telekom refuse to open up their last mile, we’re doomed. stimmyx deserves a good kick in the arse.

to strengthen my case, it took me right about FOUR minutes to load blogger’s main page. yes, you read right. now, get busy sending out unsatisfactory e-mails to telekom, that is if their inbox isn’t already full of it.


it just doesn’t feel quite right not having any contact with my classmates for 4+ days. when you sleep in their beds almost every afternoon, the lack of interaction is somewhat like being in a bubble. with the exception of dan and kel, i’ve not spoken nor msg’ed the others since lunch on monday. i never knew that our cellular caller ids’ don’t recognize singapore numbers so i was slightly apprehensive in answering a call when +0000 flashed across my screen. all of that went away when i heard the stupid singapore girl’s voice and the tip tapping sound of her keyboard.

i finally placed my order for my 512mb ipod shuffle online last night after weighting the benefits and the cons of a flash based mp3 player. it all ultimately boiled down to whether or not i was willing to shell out RM399 for a stick of memory that had apple’s name plastered all over it but lacked a lcd. i was looking for a no frills mp3 player that i could perhaps replace my aging cassete deck that has been sitting in my car since being produced and after listening to horror stories of how people’s cars were broken into just for their ICE, i was sold.

msn msger 7.0 beta build .0732 has been leaked and it rocks, in my opinion. the “turn on what i’m listening to” feature now works with players other than windows media player which IMHO is a good thing because the majority of people use wmp and me in particular, itunes. if you have been using the original 7.0 beta as many of you are, then you’ll probably notice that profile pictures are now displayed at the side of the person in the main interface. contrary to what has been said, the nudge and wink does work with other versions of 7.0++ and are not locked down to .0732 alone. to get rid of the ads and what not, there is MSNMSGR Ghost. do note that ghost only works with this build (.0732). should you encouter any errors, keep in mind that this build is a private one and was not even released to the beta testers. it is theoretically unstable and i experienced it first hand the other day. should i happen to you, simply uninstall msger and reinstall the version that you are most comfortable with and you’re good to go.