if you happen to be living within the klang valley, then you might have experienced a scary incident about 10 minutes ago. the ground shook, literally. i didn’t notice this at first, which started when my wind chime went off. initially, i thought it was just wind when i realised, that my chair was swaying from left to right. next thing i knew, my ceiling fan blades were very nearly touching the ceiling. when i got up, my ground beneath me was shifting, as tho. i was standing on solid waves. 5 minutes later, it was over. i called a couple of friends, from klg to shah alam to subang. they were felt in all three areas. another classmate from sunway then rang me up and informed me that the entire residents of the condo hostel rushed down to the lobby after feeling the tremors. straight after that, another friend rushed this link to me. for us in malaysia to feel the 8.2 quake it definitely had to be a massive one.

in fact, i had already predicted that something was about to happen when i was in MV on sunday having lunch. when i stopped and stood at the side of the siderails, i could feel slight, faint movement in the ground. i got the hell out of there ASAP for fear of an accident. i’ll tell you more about it later, i need to sleep. classes, sigh*


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