if there’s one reason why i refrain from buying malaysian goods, it’s because of the pathetic malaysia boleh quality. case in point, my banged up wira. amongst the plethora of items that were changed during the mechanical biopsy was my entire central locking system. one week after the new one was installed, my drivers’ seat door refused to lock via remote. so today, after having to endure the inconveniences caused by having to double check on my car before i rush off for classes, i paid a visit to the mechanic to get it fixed. the idiot had the nerve to tell me that changes would have to be made. i duly whipped out my receipt and showed him clearly the date that he made me RM800 poorer. he nodded his head grimly, probably disapointed that he wasn’t able to squeeze more money out of me & started work. sure enough, i knew that this was too good to be true. barely 3 hours later, it failed, again. i’m going to give him a berating he’s never had before come this weekend.


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